FINALLY: A Proven Formula, Clear Model and Step-By-Step Plan You Can Follow.

NO Sponsors. NO Lenders. NO Theory. NO Top-Brokers. NO Panels. NO Motivational Speakers.

This workshop has nothing to do with using Facebook, digital marketing, lead funnels, online webinars, or any other "shiny object" strategy you've seen or heard anywhere before. Forget about that stuff! What we will show you trumps all that... and it is the missing piece all brokers must have.


  • Walk away with the EXACT CUSTOM Formula, Model and Plan for you to break $100M+ in your mortgage business... that other brokers are using right now to double, triple and even 10X their commission income... giving them more income, more impact and more freedom.
  • Complete THE $100M ASSESSMENT: a simple exercise that will pin-point the exact areas of your business that are holding you back from that next level of growth. Until you know this key information, trying to grow your business will be slow and frustrating.
  • Learn how we can help you accelerate implementation and success. This workshop is NOT FOR NEWBIES. We are teaching only real-world actionable strategies that are working right now... so you will walk away with a simple and customised plan-of-attack.


WARNING: Strictly limited seats due to room size.


Most industry events, PD days, webinars and so on are the same. Same old speakers, similar content. Sure you might get some ideas - but nothing concrete for you to follow from A to Z. That's why most brokers are lost... they are overwhelmed and confused.

Ideas and strategies are pointless without context and a custom plan that supports your business and life goals.

This workshop is highly interactive and implementation-focused. It's 100% designed from the bottom-up... to finally get you on the right path towards $100M+ a year in deals.

You will walk away from this Live Workshop with a level of clarity and confidence we guarantee you've never had before. It's time for different. It's time for a better plan.

It's time for you to get your ticket and register now... 

John, Ross and David: all loved the open, trusting community of mortgage brokers. All taking valuable time out of their businesses to be inspired, share best-practice... and learn strategies and tactics they weren't aware of. Nobody knows it all. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks!

WARNING: Strictly limited seats due to room size.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You ARE your business. If you step away, it stops or breaks. Being 100% reliant on you, you feel stressed, trapped and on-edge. When you take a holiday... it's not a real holiday because you take your phone, laptop and a few files with you... and are still on call. You're doing ok, maybe quite well financially... but you've never found a way to scale the business without working harder.
  • Business is up and down. You have lean months with barely a loan to settle, the next month you write $5M, then only $1M the next month. Like a Yo-Yo. You have good clients and a few referral partners, but your lead flow and referrals are inconsistent. You've never found a way to turn that up-and-down trickle into a consistent flow (or even flood!) of new business.
  • You've tried everything! You've tried networking. You've tried building a website or marketing funnel. You've tried drumming up referral partners. You've tried outsourcing. You've tried using technology. You've tried social media. IT DIDN'T WORK. Not because those strategies don't work, but you are missing the 1, 2 or 3 critical pieces of the puzzle that no-one has told you about.
  • You are ambitious and want more. You want to be the best and have YOUR name on the top of that list. You want to build a serious mortgage business and you want to do it in record time. You know there are things you don't know, strategies that can accelerate your results, a smarter way... and you will use every edge available to your advantage.
  • You have ZERO time! You're running around chasing deals, referral partners, clients, managing the team, going networking, business admin... the list is endless. Sure you're writing ok numbers, maybe $2-4M a month... and you do want to double or triple those volumes... but wonder how it's possible to do any more when you already have NO time.
  • You're sick of coasting along in your business... and you know it's time to really step-up and make a big go of things. Ramp things up. Build a real asset for your future. But you need a clear plan to follow, and someone in your corner pushing you along... otherwise you will coast forever and never realise your potential.

If any of that sounds like you... here's the good news. You're not alone. In fact 99% of mortgage brokers are in the same boat. But now you have a choice. You can have the same-old conversations at PD days or industry events... or you can break free of all this starting now.

THE $100M BLUEPRINT live workshop is exactly what you need to fire up and make things happen. We've been exclusively helping mortgage brokers for over a decade... so come get a better plan and blueprint to jumping up to the next level.

WARNING: Strictly limited seats due to room size.

What's Possible When You Follow Our Advice

At THE $100M BLUEPRINT we'll be sharing key strategies these brokers have used to grow fast!

Stephen McClatchie: an MPA Top 100 broker with a dozen staff, whose settlements jumped 30% in just 12-months, and is now building his team to hit $200M+.

Adil Rahman: went from closing 2-3 deals a month to closing 15-20 deals every month in just 2-years. That's a 1000% increase, and proof this works anywhere in the world.

Richard Khuong: is an MPA Young Gun who settled more in the last quarter than he did in the entire last financial year. Now building a team to grow even faster.

Beryl Colley: from old-school to implementing a fully online and automated marketing and client follow-up system in a matter of months using these strategies.  

Aaron Whybrow: almost tripled his submissions in just 6-months using our strategies and advice. He started a 40-strong BNI group from scratch to boost referrals.

Jane Slack-Smith: followed our step-by-step process to add tens of thousands in revenue to her business... while increasing client outcomes and satisfaction.  

Do You Qualify To Attend This Workshop?

Please only buy a ticket if you can answer "YES" to the following:

  • You are an active mortgage or finance broker (residential or commercial)... OR... you own a mortgage business.
  • You are the owner, co-owner or a key decision maker in your business (independent and franchisees or licencees are all welcome).
  • You are ambitious and want to grow.
  • You are open to learning and taking advice.
  • You will implement quickly.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT attend if any of the below is you:

  • New entrants wanting technical help on writing loans. This is NOT a workshop about writing loans.
  • If you work for a broking business, but you are NOT the business owner or shareholder, sorry this is not for you.
  • Those who are happy with their mortgage business and do not want more money, impact or freedom.
  • Know-it-all's. Those who are more interested in telling everyone how good they are, rather than being open and learning, are not welcome.

WARNING: Strictly limited seats due to room size.

Why 99.9% Of Mortgage Brokers Haven't Hit $100M

According to the MPA Top 100 list in 2018, only 24 brokers in Australia wrote over $100M. Here are the Top 7 reasons why the other 17,000 brokers didn't:

  • No system for attracting consistent quality leads and referrals. Most brokers are at the mercy of repeat business, word-of-mouth and referrals... which they cannot control. The only way to $100M+ is to be in full control of your lead flow.
  • Inefficient sales and loan process. Most brokers take WAY too long to see a client, conduct research, present options, sign them up and manage the loan process. We hear about brokers spending hours driving to see clients who don't qualify, countless hours of research trying to place a deal, and days putting out fires pushing deals through to settlement. Getting to $100M+ is impossible if you waste time.
  • Wrong business model. Most brokers either don't have a set business model, or they have copied what others are doing which is wrong. You need the right model for you, your skills and your goals.
  • Failure to get help. Most brokers become capped and bogged down "IN" the business, and it's a vicious cycle. They fail to get help in their business, and they fail to get the right advice from industry experts.
  • Job vs business mindset. The majority of brokers out there are NOT business minded. They are great with people and doing deals, but they treat it like a job. Failing to think like a business holds back 99.9% of brokers from reaching the $100M mark.
  • Shiny Object Syndrome. Most brokers constantly get distracted by new ideas, new strategies, new technology... always looking for a magic bullet. Getting to $100M does not require all the latest-and-greatest strategies... it just requires the right strategies plus the right support.
  • They simply don't want to. Many mortgage brokers are happy working part-time hours, being their own boss, and doing a few deals here and there - and that's ok.

About Your $100M Expert Team

JAMES VEIGLI - Founder and 10X Strategy Advisor  

Known internationally for helping mortgage professionals double, triple and even 10X their commissions, in record time, while working less.

He is the Founder of Broker Profits Vault (est. 2008) and THE10XBROKER Mastermind. Creator of several industry-leading programs including: THE $100M BLUEPRINT.

A mortgage broker himself (now retired), who went from zero to six-figure income... working 100% from home, with no staff, only worked part-time, and took 12 weeks off in a year.

ASH PLAYSTED - 10X Strategy Advisor  

A mortgage industry veteran of 20+ years; Ash has written thousands of loans, hired dozens of brokers, setup large partnerships, built and exited multiple mortgage businesses.  

In short: he's been there and done that.  

He is a master of mortgage business, strategy and mindset, and has the real-world experience to help you reach that next level.

CLARE BROWN - 10X Momentum Coach  

With a diverse background in Engineering, Teaching, Coaching and Mortgage Broker Support, Clare is brilliant at taking big picture Game Plan strategy and transforming them into clear actionable steps. 

She works closely with 10X Members to build momentum in a way that suits their business and personality, and keeps members on track and held accountable to their goals.

Helping Brokers Grow, since 2008.

James Veigli has been featured or spoken at events for: 

  • Success stories in 4 countries.
  • Billions added to broker books.
  • 50 years industry experience.
  • Run by and for brokers.
  • Thousands of hours coaching.
  • No shiny objects: just results.

Secure Your Seat 

Strictly limited seating. Don't miss out!

  • ACCESS to The $100M Blueprint.
  • CATERED with refreshments and morning tea.
  • BLUEPRINT worksheets including the 10X Formula, 10X Model and 10X Plan.
  • 3 CPD Hours approved by MFAA and FBAA.
  • TICKETS just $97 (AUD inc GST).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will THE $100M BLUEPRINT work for me?

Yes - but with one important caveat. You must take action, continue to learn and implement the strategies in your business.

  • Can I bring a business partner?

If you have a business partner, key person, or anyone involved with strategy, planning and the direction of your business, they should attend with you. You will need to purchase multiple tickets, as 1 ticket = 1 person, but we've included a discount for additional tickets (you'll see this during checkout).

  • My business is already at $100M. Should I attend?

Our Formula-Model-Plan works for any mortgage business. We work with brokers and broker-businesses ranging from $20M to $200M in annual settlements. Regardless of your current volume, this will 100% add huge value to your business.

  • I can't make the date or location. Are you running this workshop again?

Yes, we are planning on running THE $100M BLUEPRINT again. Make sure you're on the early notification list for future workshops by clicking here.

  • Will I actually learn anything, or is this just another massive sales pitch?

This workshop is 90%+ high-value content that will give you clarity on exactly what you need to do to hit your goals. You'll build your custom Formula, Model and identify your Plan of attack. For those who are interested, we spend less than 10% of the workshop sharing how we can help attendees accelerate implementation.

  • What time does the workshop start and finish?

Registration will open at 8:45am, and THE $100M BLUEPRINT will kick-off at 9:00am sharp. We will finish by 1:00pm. You may want to stick around and chat with the team and other attendees (optional).

  • Will there be catering on the day?

Coffee and tea will be available, plus we'll have a morning tea snack.

  • What if I buy a ticket and cannot attend?

If you can't attend for any reason, we will give you a full credit towards attending THE $100M BLUEPRINT (or similar event by Broker Profits Vault) at any location around the world in the 12-months following your ticket purchase. No refunds will be issued.

  • What's the dress code?

Let's just say 'smart casual'. If you like to look sharp, do it. If you prefer to wear jeans (or shorts) and a tee, do it.

  • How is the day structured?

The workshop is split into sections, giving you thinking and implementation time, plus breaks. There will be NO PowerPoint slides, instead we will give you our custom frameworks and models, then get you implementing live.

  • Is this mostly theory or practical?

You will complete exercises on the day, walking away with a clear Formula, Model and Plan to follow. We only teach proven strategies that are working right now for our members.

  • Is this a multi-speaker event?

No! The last thing you need is another multi-speaker event, full of top-brokers and out-of-industry guru's... that give you some tips but nothing concrete. This event is 100% delivered by James Veigli and Ash Playsted, who are the secret weapons behind some of the fastest growing mortgage brokers around the world. 

  • Why isn't this workshop free?

Because free workshops are full of fluff and aren't worth your time. We will be giving you the exact Formula, Model and Plan templates that are usually only available to our paying members.

  • Can I purchase a ticket over the phone?

You sure can. Call us on (03) 8362 3357 and we'll get you booked in (please leave a message if the line is busy and we'll call you back).

  • What's included in the ticket price?

Full access to the Live Workshop for 1 person, including printed worksheets, and refreshments during the day. You'll also get 3 CPD Hours approved by MFAA and FBAA.

  • What if I have another question?

Please get in touch and we are happy to answer any and all questions you have. Our best contact details are right here.

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